Welcome to my head

My name is Charles Harlow Elek Banyai. I am currently 22 years old going on 1,000. Currently studying web technologies at Universidad Sagrado Corazon, not sure if it’s what I really want to be studying for my future but it’s gotten to the point where I just want to graduate. My head doesn’t always work like I want it to. I think that is normal, something that humans have had to deal with since the moment they become aware of their own existence. It is easy to see our own shortcomings.

So I’ve been figuring out things that make me happy in order to combat the feelings of inadequacy. I think writing is one of them. So This blog will be a creative writing blog to help me work through ideas in my head that may not have any relevance. Just to get them out. Help quite things down and maybe have fun.

This is is for class

This video is an introduction for the class and serves as practice for linking videos in blogs

This is practice for embedding a tweet. Sweet


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